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Current Works in Progress

Novella's under the Harbinger Series:


I am currently working on 2 Novella's that will be released in-between the 1st and 2nd Harbinger series books. These will be read alone or in conjunction with the series. Each will focus on 1 character from my first novel Twice Lost. Each Novella will give you a deeper insight into that character and the choice he or she has made. While each is a stand alone story they MUST be read before Twice Visited or you may find yourself asking questions that were answered in the Novella's...


The First will be Tye’s Undoing – answering MANY questions as to why he is the way he is. This book will be released under the Forever Red Lable on MAY 1, 2015


Second – Astaroth - This book totally snuck up on me as I was writing Twice Visited ( due out LATE 2015 ).  He was always meant to be a small part of the story. BUT, during the writing of Tye's book his part suddenly became MUCH bigger and his story with Abby needed to be told. Who is Abby you ask? WELL, your just going to have to read it to find out. This book is completed and is currently in for edits and should have a release date of Mid-Summer 2015!!!! 



Stand alone books:


DC Wylder-  She is a Best Selling Romance Novelist who finds that her happily ever after book sales drop after the 50 shades phenomenon. And to add spice to her new books she dives head first into the world of BDSM. Will she find her Happily Ever After?


Renewable – In a world where marriage licenses expire every 5 years, you simply choose to not renew or not. We follow 4 couples on their journey. Two in their 20’s, One in their 40’s and one in their 80’s. Who is renewable and who is not?



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